I am planning to revive writing sooner. Thanks for your patience if you had been waiting.


Friday, April 07, 2006

The 2nd Sunday of February 2006, this incident happened and am too lazy to find out the exact date of the past. Anyways, Past is past !!

Imagine there is only 1 block in abilash, say A block with 4 floors. This should surmise the Norwich Union Westelgate office i work from. On a sunday evening, i came to take some work papers home and mail a few people. Around 6.20 pm i went out of my 1st floor to drink water around 6.20 pm i went out of my 1st floor to drink water (Errr..and visit the Afghan territory as well!) and came back and swiped my card to enter my floor. That the card didn't work shocked me, my mobile was inside, on my desk and the building has no lift. There was no phone anywhere, it was just a very small corridor, i ran up and down the stairs to see if any trace od human's around. Thinking as to how adventurous and pathetic it would it be if i had to stay there till morning . I was wondering as to what will i do? will i get sleep or will i become a lil mad in those few hours of solitude!! Reminds of 'the count of monte cristo' book where a guy spent years in prison and the tactics he used to keep him sane all throgh and i was busy walking through all his techniques and considering which one to choose!! My thoughts were driving me such frantic. i paused .. slowed. my pace.. calmed my senses.. and thought for the 1st time .. in the few minutes after the incident happened. It struck me that there would be a phone in the security desk near the exit gate downstairs and i went there and didn't whom to call as u cannot make any outgoing calls until i saw the note in bold letters ' if access card does not work, pls call ********** number! A guy came. i was wondering if he will scold.. me .. it was surprise.. tat he was very friendly and i told him that i was pressuming tat i have access till 8 pm in the weekends too. He only gave a smile and said not to worry. i was reassured.. i picked my things.. and ran from the office.. without wanting to turn back.. and on monday ,.. morning .. i was relieved .. to see people around !!! I also had this feeling they and I have already been locked inside the walls of an office :-))) !!! Atleast i would not have to fret about the lack of company!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

'Every Indian wants to go back home’ these words mentioned by a colleague in his official leaving drink party, urged to open my pen and write till I think I can stop, to put it in a quintessential tone, I wanted to recount my experience. Tis quite a common theme but with my unique touch. I realised that how much I had learnt in a short span of three months and this being my first step in a foreign country. A flake of snow, a droplet of rain, a whiff of wind and a sneak of the sun. Seeing it all in a single day seemed like a torrent of discounted climate! English weather that’s what it is! Nothing less than surprising for me who's been used to get baked in the sun nevertheless soaked up in a salty sweat!

At this time of leaving, mind is jammed with so many thoughts that writing a note like professional and personal experiences would turn lousy if i mind is not inclined towards it. It would lack that passion where i'll given a chance sulk about this and that!
And its 8.02 pm now and my bionic memory says that the Norwich Union secure access card time reads 7.50 pm! I don't have access after 8 pm and i need to rush out (the severe the winter is the longer time it takes to put on layers of winter clothing than packing my bag and tidying a bit my workplace!) This is the first time i came across an access card reader to display the time or perhaps it is novel only to me or as i gather from my stay here - being punctual and working according to the clock comes naturally to the britons, also an attempt to mention that i had attented the 'working across cultures - Emphasis on UK culture' session conducted by TCS HR-UK. There is so much to do. With my travel plans becoming far more capricious than the weather! I started to a little shopping here and there for my friends and relatives. And i still haven't got anything concrete for my mum, dad and sis! Still tying the loose ends in the project, have a lot of books to return in the library, settle household bills, withdrawing those valuable pounds! from the bank in case anything is left at the end of my shopping! Despite all these works i still read the first few pages of the Tom Peters's book 'Re-Imagine'. Need to read the following books that i aimed at finishing here The rise and fall of strategy planning by Henry Mintzberg Good to great by James Collins I've been reading 3 books simultaneously, Think, Re-image and The money changers by Arthur Hailey and show no sign of finishing. Will have to hunt for these books and finish them sometime.
The Easter eggs, i was assuming that they were real 'eggs' and was surprised to find them to be 'egg headed' chocolates! But i liked that packaging or branding. I was tempted to buy one of them but with their massive size; they would be eliminated in the 1st round itself of my privileged to go into my 30 kgs capacity suitcase.
This is the last piece of writing i wanted to pen from Norwich. I feel happy to go back yet i also have started this feeling of, Oh should things change now; having been settled in the cosy nestle of this calm town and i can brush that away in sometime. My cousin sister Swetha is travelling to U.S this Saturday and it is pity that i can't see her. She is asking me to come and see her at Charles de Gaule Paris, that being her transit airport. I retorted atleast let's say a hi to each other in mid air! I am more than curious to see the air roads, clouds and the air traffic by peeping out of an half opened aeroplane window!!!

Adios UK and Rendezvous India

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Enakul iruntha mazhai pozhi – “The Monsoon feel in me”

As I sat on the portico of my old village house; the monsoon rain that fell on my face swept my heart to woo me to a trance/dream. A dream that traveled to great distances of time and place and I etch/fill these pages with memories of those mesmerizing/fascinating/exciting trips

To me the thunder and lightning known for its fearful nature is amazing too. The call of those sounds does not only entice the peacock to dance; my heart too leaps towards loved ones for joyful hugs amidst fear, conveying a beautiful experience that everything is well.

His Majesty (the Rain) arrives in great dignity and grandeur. The conch (thunder) has been blown with the sky dazzling and glowing with lights (of the lightning). It is a stupendous sight to see the lightning in the dark. It seems like even the Sun has surrendered to the ‘seem to be’ of the monsoon. I fancy that the rain has bewitched the sun to shed of its power to radiate; how it mockingly teases the wind to turn chill and cool is something the creator should regard! I long for a feel of those magic droplets to brush on my skin before kissing and mingling with the earth.

I felt offended when I saw those drops fading away from me. Then, I became conscious that we men as just spectators of these special sights. The actual chemistry between the rain and the earth is unfeelable yet describable enough! Nevertheless we are creations of their supernatural/spiritual intimacy. Presume, there is no rain but only water; the poetic verses, split splashes and the color would not have added to that still life. Doesn’t it visit me, you and everyone; dwelling warmly as omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient in all our hearts? Out of nostalgia; do we not at some stage in our life cry, speak or yearn to be see it. Perhaps he (God) himself knows, it is easier said than done to satisfy man. He who loves to play has established “change” as the only intransient nature in otherwise transient nature of our minds. Somehow man is not snoopy of the libido with which they copulate from time to time; it’s his typical nature to bother about his own carnal desires.
But he revels in the sheer excitement of those showers he is bestowed with. He romanticizes by indulging in creative flamboyance of this warm monsoon in hottest and hippest colors and styles seen in clothes, umbrellas, rainwear and boots. He skillfully builds boats that sinks not in the oceans of water that form muddy pools here and there. Still more, I love to sense those cold buckets filled with rain waters be emptied on my body not only for its precious age old secrets of beauty and wellbeing! but for the exhilarating experience that runs down on me, touching my bone. It’s the time when my tongue lingers on piping hot bajjis and steaming hot cuppas. She absorbs the pouring elixir in her; but also leaves behind some of the nectar for us to quench. There she stays dreamily awaiting for yet another adventure. They arise rejuvenated and they‘ve been kind enough to apply their aftermath on living beings too. They’ve made the breeze pleasant, the air crisper, cleaner and clearer. Hello Reader, hope the dual picture in which the whole narrative of mine revolves around; is beginning to become obvious to you J
Ss zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Ss zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ….. Set out on a trip to experience it and come back as recharged souls!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Abbey Saales Trip SOW -Official Release V1.0!

At a significant hour when the clock struck it’s first hand for a new day, we started. Well, I am beginning this narrative in a very unusual way. Predominantly, the time 12 O clock is adulated only on a New Year. But with a boisterous army of 9, one doesn’t wonder!

The “Project Tour” (Oops, I did use too much to the TCS flavor here) was officially decided 3 weeks before we made it happen!

However, let me tell you that we were still unconvinced on Friday morning. The project schedule, the weather conditions and a highly volatile trip plan became our eleventh hour villains. We disputed as to whether we start in the night or early dawn. Moreover, it also depended on the taut (tight) personal budget we were operating in! Eventually the outspoken demand by a few souls, for no compromise of the team’s spirit to money value of any measure, enthused us all to begin our trip on Friday night.

Two days, were simply insufficient for the ambitious plans we laid, that within a few hours of start of the never-ending brainstorming session, the idea that it would to conclude in a unanimous collective decision making, vanished into thin air! Yet, we did traverse the entire breadth of Karnataka’s treasure trove of beaches, and water falls and wildlife and hills and what not in those drawn to scale maps and naturally behind the scenes, in those flights of imagination moving in our minds!

I’ve digressed a lot more than I had to. Let me fast forward the reel to the timeframe which shows an hour’s travel to destination Nagarhole. At around 4 am all but two had tea and snacks at a motel. One pal, teasingly remarked that all have changed to a wild* lifestyle, while the two still had much of civilization with them!

At early dawn (5. 10 AM), when the sun was still sleepy to take its night blanket off, we were in the vicinity of well-preserved nature and wildlife for a change! We waited for 6 o clock to chime, the time when the security guard will open the gates of Nagarhole Tiger Reserve to the outside world!

We saw an elephant few yards away from us. It stood mingled with the darkness of the night, but alone for its gleaming eyes were visible and there we stood brave but nervously wondering if the elephant was on the loose! As we amusedly watched the elephant endlessly eating some unidentifiable vegetarian food (shrub!), we heard the “tup dup tup dup” coming from between its hind legs! much to the equally witty way one of the team members put it, ‘the elephant’s cow dung is falling to the ground!’

Alas, we missed the morning safari as the session allotment got over. We drove to an estate we had booked in advance. After completing the appropriate rituals applicable to all genders of the human race! We headed to explore Irupu falls until mid-day. I was imagining if could fold that endless waters gushing down the mountains into a tiny droplet and take it everywhere with me! So whenever I feel like being close to the pure and fresh bounty, I would behold the elixir in my eyes, hear its noise, feel its presence; and is sure to make my thoughts melt with the flowing waters. Practically, all this is like asking a wish at the swish of a wand. A waterfall is a waterfall in all its sense and essence. Need I say more! Coming to our report, the guy’s troupe was having a dip in their Batman briefsJ, while the girl’s squad was playing and chirping under the sun.

Post Lunch, the Nagarhole safari, happened in a royal van (Wasn’t it an apt gift to the vehicle disposal yard or the date raisin peddler!). We traveled into the wilds, as we jumped high and low in our seats to the tunes of the crest and trough of the smooth red muddy slush (not roads you see) An hour’s drive passed, yet the forest did not reveal its famed carnivores of any size. All we saw was herd of deer that soon looked omnipresent! Amused by the large number of deer, one of the pals was teasing if there is a planned dramatic being staged by sending the same group of deer actors from a centralized hiding place to every route we went in the forest J

The no-sign-of-wilderness began to bore us, until the moment the van driver admitted that he lost track of the route back out of the forest. My folks were teasing that one needn’t be afraid of animals even if we stayed all through the night there, only if one girl, promised to carry her hullabaloo, a scared-shriek-scream action she is famous for! Just then, we had to stop from moving further as a tree trunk had fallen in the path we were going. Our guys had to put their Sakthiman efforts to move the tree trunk away from our path. We girls were ceased from exhibiting our super-woman capabilities, but we took positions as picture takers and cheering squad of a heroic account! What a wee bit of adventure we had in the 1 and 1/2 hour long safari

Disappointedly, that was exactly when we started in full fledge to wildly banter on every single animal, human or object that our eyes laid on! It turned out to be an exciting affair that would stay atleast temporarily in our little grey cells, for the list was crazy, exhaustive and endless! To name a few from the ‘call of the wild’ theme: wild van, wild mosquito, wild monkey, wild water, wild lady, wild bottle, wild road etc. A few energetic souls went to the extent of calling wild food and wild bed! I wonder if they had a good night’s sleep!

But considering the action-packed day we had, sleep came without a tranquilizer!
Wait; let me give a more interesting twist for I hear whispers to reveal the sweet nothings, oops the real action that happened (if at all) in the dark. While some were in a mood to shake a leg to the Latino tap and rap! (Mind you, they were a trifle serious in mastering those art forms dating back to …. What?…..… none other than dating purposes) A few danced intoxicated in their fantasy lands, while one pose an equally hot temperament that took only minutes to dissolve.

Some words seemingly convey an unpleasant meaning just by the way it gets twisted in our tongues! “Voodoo” and “I can even strip you” were the mere accidental slip-up of that kind and much to my surprise; it got captured in the reels of film for a recap of the momentary memorabilia. Our videographers did their job way too well in a mocking way

Early morning had us organizing who will bathe or spray first! Perhaps it was done in the decreasing order of time taken to do make-up or rather the decreasing order of smell emanated!

Raja’s seat at Coorg, was a splendid view of the town. We had enthused trekkers who went down the down the rocks to gather flowers, with which we took black & white pictures with red color effect given only to the flower we were holding. But to all our wonder, the photos appeared as if we were afflicted by some kind of rash skin disease! Skinny boned femmes like me are constantly succumbed to light weight (oops vein!) teasing wherein, despite providing all safeguard while hiking down the hill, people were wondering if I would fly away!

Abbey falls, lay amidst the rich coffee plantation of the Western Ghats. Unlike others, its scenery was spoilt and filthy; much to the dismay was the ‘Capturing Moments’ advertisements showing the nature calls made by few of our cronies (associates)!

Nisargadhama, the tall green and handsome lush was a refreshing delight! It was a cool serene picnic spot. Although not with a veterinarian passion, we diligently gave ourselves to the elephant ride and the deer & rabbit feed.

Now and then, we had to chew the vociferous guy’s only good sermon (bad talk!) prudently well out of girl’s earshot. Reminds me of a famed for its name, London clothing brand, FCUK!

Namdroling monastery gave us an insight into the Tibetan culture, their thanga painting, long robes, shaved heads, strange offerings/prasads (theirs resembled colorful sweets in varied shapes enough to tempt chocoholics of any age) and fiery gods among which resided the peaceful Buddha.

By now, we were exhausted enough to return to Bangalore. We wondered if it would be just the snore or the grunt that we would hear on our way back! I don’t remember how it all started, which was when I realized that we were in verge of discussing something serious that could have been recorded and aired in the ‘We the people’ in NDTV or ‘Hard talk’ in BBC! We drifted and deviated from discussing the pros and cons of arranged marriages, a tailing of revealing our first love/crush lists; to listen to the Doctor Hitch role played by an experienced member of our gang, and then to whether guys or girls are the cause of break up in Indian love marriages (an unreasonable question I would say yet that was what it looked like!) to…………….Hmmm Ho I don’t remember more, I give up that it was argumentative and that’s all! Fine, it left us exhausted and mind boggling or was it eating the brains kind as one pal remarked!

All came to end at the very significant hour we started on November 25th 2005. So AS** when are we gona pack again?

**I am not permitted to expand this abbreviation!, given the ethical agreement I’ve signed with my fellow team members, for it needs to tail so long until we are around!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Post 15/8. Entreaty with my Self

I can easily portend what most folks will normally relate 15/8 to; given the way it’s written! Ain’t we easily think of it in the likes of 9/11 and 7/7! Well, for those who are still trying to construe, it is a 'Maa tujhe salam' talk on 15th of August 1947, the aftermath.

Enshrine my country, Lord God of supernatural power.
With devout, I seek your divine charm everyday on India, for this day.
We are the descendants of the people who nurtured us with this freedom we exult in.

India is a land of myth. It highly amuses me; to see today’s India with two equally opposing faces. On the dark side is a soul that callously allows terrorism, religious fanaticism, corruption, irresponsible law, order and citizens! blind westernization, all levels of cruelty to fellowmen and what not. On the brighter side, India has an unparalleled culture that still remains untouched by the rest of the world, the glory of ancient civilizations that cradled the spirit of commitment to well being and tolerance, not to forget the relentless progress in education, science and technology.

Amongst them live those few passionate souls who strive and envision a highly developed India. What an excruciating contrast to those freedom fighting years where my homeland witnessed more heroes emerging in the very same soil. Why is my Mother India’s luminescence fading through the years? While I still wish to believe that her beacon is unshakeable more so, immortal.

Inevitably, we are all aware of our sense of duty unto our country, so I choose not to mention it. It’s just that we have drifted from our path towards creating an ultimate reality. An exemplary way of life, to quote in the semblance of the man* who practiced it.

* The man’s name is M KGandhi!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

An ode to my long ago, yet unforgotten passion

The other day, I had taken my mum to the Ayush therapy center, for an ayurvedic therapy. As usual, we waited at the reception for the doctor to call us. There were a few foreigners besides me, dad and mum. After a few minutes, a lady brought in a tray of small glasses containing some golden brownish liquid. The appearance the liquid gave; made me skeptical and wonder as to why should a naturo- clinic center promote the serving of drinks. Much to my sheepishness, mum and dad sipped and discovered that it was a truly herbal concoction of vetiver and nanari! We chatted with the doctor for almost an hour, talking at length of the ailments and the process of ingesting the medicine that seemed to be quite a schedule that runs like 6 am/6 pm in empty stomach, after lunch after dinner, in the meanwhile an oil to be massaged! What a bitter sweet bitter sweet experience! That’s how the medicine tastes like in the order of its intake schedule! We came out and I asked mum to sit in the reception while I paid the bills. Meanwhile, a lady was curiously enquiring mum if I was a dancer. For which, mum asked “what makes you say that she’s a dancer? Is it her movements” The lady chose not to reply! Behold, that incident made me reminisce of those 4 years of dancing to the tunes of a wooden stick and a thick block made of wood too. Those beautiful sights and sounds; mudras, postures and movements that controlled my mind and body with my heart drifting to an ecstasy, A lost paradise………that I deep down aver to rekindle yet again.

P.S: This is not an ode in the exact sense, just an expression that tries to convey the same meaning!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

My own sound byte in the interlude

I really wonder how I couldn’t sleep until 1.50 A.M yesterday (that was the last time I remember eyeing in my cell) regardless of having had an eventful weekend. I knew it’s sure to take a toll at office on Monday morrow! And it did, here I go off on a tangent from my work of synthesizing a few numbers (numbers are even more anti - whining me now :-))) into meaningful ... what!? Come again………..information. Oops despite being in the brink of drooping eyelids did the confidentiality agreement of not disclosing my job doings in public seem to flash across my mind! Thank goodness. Btw, I am pretty serious in stating that was just pulling a leg of mine itself! And there some to rattle on as what does the Wimbeldon Tennis fever has for me. It’s one of those who have a position in the 1st row, but for, the place isn’t in one of the audience seats @Wimbeldon. It’s in their hearts! and my sis 's Infosys interview episode. Signing off now, and wishing if i could afford more intervals :-;) I discover that, tis not a bad way to unwind! Ogggggggay people bye then